Local Attractions


Zhouzhuang Water Town

Quanfu Road, Zhouzhuang, Suzhou

Reputed as the No. 1 Water Town in China, Zhouzhuang Water Town is one of the “ten most beautiful towns in the globe” and “world charming water town”. Visiting Zhouzhuang Ancient Town, you can see 14 ancient particular stone bridges built in Yuan, Ming and Qing dynasties, multiple courtyards linking together on the winding water, more than 800 residents living by the river, etc. which is exactly the look of serene historic water town in east China. Besides the scenery, the special folk culture in Zhouzhuang will tell you about the real gem of culture in Wu area and the soul of this charming place.


Kunqu Opera

No. 14 Zhangjiaxiang, Gusu District, Suzhou

Kunqu Opera is an old opera originated from Kunshan, Suzhou, Jiangsu Province, which has a history of more than 600 years. Although performed in Suzhou dialect, Kunqu Opera is also popular in Yangtze River delta including Shanghai and Hangzhou, as well as Beijing. It has been regarded as the mother of other operas in China, for it has far-reaching influences on most of Chinese operas in artistic presentations, use of facial makeup, division of roles, and many other ways. It plays an important role in the Chinese history of literature, opera, music and dance.


Suzhou Silk Museum

No. 2001 Renmin Road, Gusu District, Suzhou

Suzhou is the birthplace of silk with the history of 6000 years. Suzhou Silk Museum is the first Chinese museum specialized in silk. Founded in 1991, the museum located on 2001 Renmin Road, near the Beisi Pagoda in the old town of Suzhou. Covering an area of 9,500 square meters, the museum houses six exhibition halls namely for the Ancient Silk Exhibition, the Modern Silk Exhibition, the Special Exhibition for Children, the Mulberry Yard, the Silk Weaving Machinery Exhibition, and the Silk Cultural Art Gallery named after Master Qian Xiaoping.


Humble Administrator's Garden

No. 178 Dongbei Street, Gusu District

Originally built in 1509 during Ming Dynasty. The Humble Administrator's Garden is the represent of the gardens in the south region of Yangtze River and considered as the mother of Chinese gardens. With its classical and gorgeous gardens, it has been a valuable cultural relic both in China and world.


Suzhou Museum

No. 204 Dongbei Street, Gusu District

Built upon Taiping Kingdom of Heaven Prince Zhong’s Mansion and adjacent to the Humble Administrator’s Garden, the new exhibition building was designed by world famous Chinese-American architect named I. M. Pei and opened to visitors in October 2006. This museum has abundant porcelains, relics of the revolution, most notably celadon, handicraft works, calligraphies and paintings of Ming and Qing Dynasties (1368-1911) which fully embody the history, art, and culture of Suzhou and Yangtze River Delta.


Li Gong Di

Suzhou Industrial Park

Built by Li Chaoqiong, the Magistrate of Yuanhe County in Qing Dynasty, with the length of 1,400 meters, Ligongdi is the only long dike in Jinji Lake of Suzhou. Now it is one of the most well-known dining and nightlife hub in Suzhou. Enjoy the nightlife along the beautiful Ligongdi dike with breath-taking view of Suzhou skyline and drink to your love ones to celebrate every moment.